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Yes, we offer a cutting service for tubes. We can cut from a length of 5cm. We don’t charge for our cutting service on orders below 100 cuts,  but to avoid abuse we reserve the right to charge .26 p per cut. You can select a stock length and then select the cuts that need to made.

What is the maximum length of tube I can order?
We offer stock lengths of up to 640 cm. However shipping for these length is a lot more costly than for length of less than 300 cm.  We recommend limiting the length of the tubes.

How do I calculate the right tube length?

De right length depends on the diameter, or size, of the tube and key clamps used. On this page we compiled and article on how to calculated the right tube size in a number of different situations.

Als visit our blog page. Here you will find a number of articles ranging from DIY guides to diagram explaining how to best build certain constructions.

The galvanised steel tubes are suitable for outdoor use because of the galvanisation finish which protects against the elements and rust to a certain extend.

Yes, the key clamps come including the set screws as standard. the set screw can be adjusted using an Allen key.

Is it possible to order extra set screws?
Yes, please order them through the webshop or contact us.

The set screw in the key clamp can be secured using an Allen key.

Please make sure to us the right size Allen key. Using the wrong size can damage the threads or the screw itself. Please note that key clamps use both metric and Imperial sizes.

The suitable tube diameter depends on the design, the length of spans, and the amount of weight the design needs to carry. For furniture: tables are usually made from 42.4mm. Coat racks and wardrobes are usually made frokm 33.7 or 26.9mm. For bigger projects like pergola's, pallet racks, and industrial hand rails 42.4 and 48.3mm is often used.

The mentioned tube diameters are the outer diameters of the tubes.

A 26.9mm tube has a 26.9mm outer diameter.

Want to get to the inner diameter? Take the outer diameter and subtract 2 times the wall thickness.

With all sizes a certain tolerance exists. Actual sizes may differ.

The mentioned size refers to the tube size. always choose the same size for both the tube size and the key clamps.

Tube size 26.9mm goes together with key clamp size 26.9mm. Tube size 33.7mm goes together with key clamp size 33.7mm.
Et cetera...

The size of the key clamps thus references the size tube that it can be used with.

On the respective product page most information on the key clamp will be listed. Technical drawing are only available for a limited number of key clamps. Please contact our customer service for questions on specific dimensions.

The markings on the tubes can be easily removed by using thinner or a similar agent. Please take all the necessary safety precautions needed when working which such products.

The marking originated from the production process and show product identification numbers, batch numbers etc.
These markings are necessary to identify the products and its standards.

The wall thickness of a tube is listed on its product page.


Would you like assistance with selecting the right products? There are two options

►Send us your design and a list of the products that you think you need via email. We will respond with advice and additions/alterations of your list.

► Send an email with the idea and a thorough explanation. We will refine the design and produce a list of the products needed. We do calculate a fee for the time needed to do this work. This fee will never be more than 25% of the total of the products needed for the design.

All the products that can be ordered on our webshop are stocked unless mentioned otherwise.

If an order item is out of stock somehow, because of a stock error for example, we will contact you to discuss the options.

As soon a an order has been placed it can not be altered or cancelled.

If you have any questions about changing/cancelling an order, please contact us.

No, we don’t charge for our cutting service on orders below 100 cuts,  but to avoid abuse we reserve the right to charge .26 p per cut. You can select a stock length and then select the cuts that need to made.

Yes, it's possible to enter your business information during the checkout process. 

If you would like to get a quote first. Please submit you enquiry via our B2B & quotes page.

Pay makes payment secure and easy.

PayPal | Creditcard | Google pay

After choosing a payment method you will be redirected to your bank to complete the payment. Your order is processed immediately after payment is received. 

Bank transfer
Your order will be processed after receipt of your payment. You'll receive a order confirmation email with instructions for the bank transfer after placing the order.

On account
Solely available to frequent business customers. Questions? have a look at our B2B & quotes page or contact us.

It is possible that a payment fails or that the provider declines a payment. In that case your order won't be processed until payment is received by our systems.

Please contact us to discuss a solution.

Alle prices on our website are shown both including and excluding UK VAT at the applicable rate. (Usually 20%)

It's possible to use discount codes when ordering. Did you receive a discount code from Add this code during the checkout process.

If your discount code does not work, check the following things:

► Does the order meet the requirements mentioned when you received the code?

► The unique discount code hasn't been used by someone else?

If the answer to both questions is "Yes" and the discount code isn't working. Please contact us. 

We do not provided discount codes via 3rd party coupon sites. We are aware that there are sites claiming to represent us, and there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

An invoice will be send automatically via email once your order has been shipped.

Shipping & delivery

The shipping costs depend on the products ordered and their length and weight. Please see the applicable rates on our shipping page or in the checkout process.

The shopping cart will show the applicable and correct shipping rates depending on the data entered.

When ordered before 12:00 these orders are usually shipped the same day. Delivery depending on the shipment option selected at checkout.

For more information about the costs and delivery times, see our shipping page

Tight deadline? Contact us to discuss options.

Because volumes in both our own facilities and with our logistics partners is very hard to forecast we are only able to give an estimated delivery time. The information above is in no way a guarantee.

By selecting the suitable shipping method and leaving a note in the checkout process you can leave a preference for the delivery date. We'll try to plan the delivery on the preferred date.

We can not guarantee a delivery date on a standard shipment. This always is an expected date.

Hasty shipment, exact delivery date required?

It is possible to choose a time specified delivery, which comes at a cost. We will book the appropriate shipment options with the shipper. In a pinch we can also look at a courier service.

Please contact us to discuss the options for a timed shipment.

No, unfortunately pick up orders are not possible. We've designed our company processes to efficienctly send shipments in order to secure the best price possible for the customer.

Depending on the shipment option chosen there will be different procedures the shipper will follow.

If we or the shipper does not receive any communication from your side they will return the shipment after a few days to To re-ship the order extra costs will be invoiced for the new shipment. Cancelling the order might not be possible at this point.

Yes, We kan ship to most countries using our network of transportpartners.

Please request a quote via email so we can have come back with the costs of transports.

Because of the amount of work that goes into managing shipping quote to numerous partners we only do foreign shipments for larger orders.


Up to 14 days after delivery one can make a request for return. You can submit your return on our returns page. You will receive a confirmation of your submission directly.

After we have checked you request we will send more information on how to make the return shipment. Costs of the return are for your own account.

Want to know more about your rights regarding returns and general terms and conditions?
See our returns policy and General terms & conditions.

Custom made products can not be returned. These are tubes cut to size for example. But also DIY kits, banner frames and commercial frames that are made towards your specification.

Products can only be returned if the meet the following conditions:

► The products are in new state, without usage or assembly marks.

► The products have been reported as part of a return shipment.

► Business orders are excluded from the right of withdrawal

Would you like to know more about the right of withdrawal and the conditions? See our returns page.

After we have received the return, we will check the products within a few working days. A credit invoice will be drawn up and sent for confirmation.

The refund will be made via the payment method and to the account used to pay previously. Depending on the method, this amount will usually be in your account within 2 to 3 working days.

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