Business sales and Quotes at

We sell B2B, please see the information below.

On account

Business customers can apply for the option to order on account. For schools, NGO's and government organisations a authorised person can apply, please send ut an email with the relevant company details.
Voor any other business customers a credit and company check is undertaken and we check whether the person applying is the authorised person for the business. After approval it is possible to pay on account, with the necesaary conditions. Payment on acount is only possible from the second order place by the applying entity. There will always be a first, paid, order befor you can apply.

Proforma invoice

Need a pro forma invoice? you will receive it in the order confirmation if you have chosen "bank transfer" as payment method when checking out..

Invoice email address

If you'd rather receive the invoices on a different email address than the email adress used to order. Please contact us with the email address you would like us to use. We will make the necessary changes in our systems to assure any future invoices will be sent directly to the email address specified.

Business discounts

We maintain very competitive prices voor consumers and business customers. If you need larger volumes and the value of your order exceeds a minimum of a £1000,- excluding VAT.?  Please contact us for a quote.

Request a quote

Conveniently request a quote using the contact form below or email us on Please state your invoice and delivery address and the products needed.

We do not send quotes for small of different products  (<£1000) These can be ordered quickly and easily via the webshop.