Use our large assortment of key clamps to make all kinds of strong and unique constructions. Order your key clamps online and conveniently via The tube clamps are available in numerous diameters and types, think of tee's, base plates, hinges and brackets. Key clamps are also available in different colours and finishes. In our webshop we also offer the corresponding steel tubes to the length desired.

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Wide range of key clamps offers a large assortment of key clamps, with more than 75 types. In our range, we offer different variants of galvanized steel, black steel, and square steel. With the extensive range of key clamps, you can create a wide variety of constructions, and the possibilities are endless. Many furniture items are made from tubes and key clamps, such as tables, coat racks, cabinets, and much more.

For every idea, there is a suitable key clamp to create the desired tube construction. Not only are these materials suitable for both small and large projects. The fittings are very strong because they are made of steel. They are used, among other things, to make verandas, canopies, and fences. The tube connectors are created by pouring liquid metal into molds. This results in connectors made from one piece. The key clamps are hot-dip galvanized, which means they are coated with a thin layer of zinc, protecting them from corrosion and the elements.

All key clamps are available for multiple tube diameters. The steel variant comes in six different diameters. Tables are often made from key clamps with a diameter of 33.7 mm or 42.4 mm. Diameter 26.9 mm is particularly suitable for coat racks. Curious about which size key clamp you need? Click here to find our key clamps info page.

The indicated tube diameters are the outer dimensions of the tubes. The diameter of the key clamps indicates which tube size they are suitable for. The inner diameter of the tube connector is slightly larger so that tubes of the same indicated size can easily fit inside the fitting.

Key clamps in many shapes and sizes

Steel key clamps

In the assortment of galvanized steel key clamps, you will find more than 75 different types. The tube fittings are galvanized, and some ranges have recognized TÜV certification. This certification means that the product has been tested for slip resistance and construction quality, among other things. Galvanizing ensures that the constructions remain beautiful and can withstand the elements for a long time. The tube clamps are suitable for indoor and outdoor use*. The key clamp has a robust, rugged, and industrial appearance that fits perfectly with the current industrial interior trend. The steel tube clamps are available in six different diameters.

At Keyclampshop, you will find a wide range of high-quality and reliable tube clamps. We have the perfect solution for your project. Our products have a rugged appearance and are ideal for various applications, whether it's office furnishings or other projects where strength and reliability are required.

Kee clamps

With our extensive range of connectors, such as the Tee and the short T-joint, you can easily connect tubes (possibly with different tube diameters). Tube fittings or pipe fittings go by many different names. Key clamp is one of the most well-known. Other names used are tube clamps or Kee klamps. Although the different names and brands have some differences, overall the appearance and performance are usually roughly the same.

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We understand the importance of fast delivery, which is why we strive to ship your order as quickly as possible. With our telephone support, we are always available to help you make the right choice and answer any questions you may have.

Our key clamps are made of high-quality steel materials, ensuring durability and long-term use. With tube diameters ranging from 26.9 mm to 60.3 mm, we have the right size for every project. Whether you need a product for indoor or outdoor use, we have the solution that best meets your needs.

Assembling and connecting key clamps

Assembling and connecting our key clamps is very simple. With just a few simple steps, you can create a strong and reliable connection. Our fittings ensure a safe and stable connection, allowing you to work on your project with confidence.

Construction help and advice

We regularly receive questions about which key clamps and tube diameters are best to use. We are happy to answer your questions. To provide a concrete and clear answer, we have written various blogs and manuals. Because every piece of furniture, construction, or design is different, there is no standard answer. The blog page features do-it-yourself projects that can help you get started.

Note: Make sure to use the correct size Allen key to prevent the set screw from being damaged by the key clamp. Allen keys can be ordered along with the products. More information about the sizes can be found on the Allen keys' product pages.

Did you know? We sell accessories to complete your tube clamp project. You can come to us for wheels, screws, and bolts. You no longer need to go to the hardware store; order everything online at

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If you have any questions about the assortment of tube clamps, you can always contact us. Please find our contact details on the contact page.

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