Everything about key clamps

Everything about key clamps
We have listed all frequently asked questions about key clamps for you. In this blog you can read all about the types of tube clamps we offer and the diameters in which they are available. You can also read useful tips and facts about the products, such as mounting the key clamps and which diameter is suitable for your project.

All the anwsers to your questions about key clamps

When do you use key clamps?

Tube clamps are used to enable tube constructions. The key clamps connect the tubes. Due to the wide range of key clamps, the possibilities are endless and almost every project is possible. Both large and small constructions are made, such as canopies, shelving units, tables, coat racks, stair railings and much more.

What material are tube clamps made of?

All tube clamps are made of steel. The key clamps are created by pouring liquid metal into molds. This means that the key clamps consist of one piece and are extra strong. The steel key clamps have a thin layer of zinc. 

What types and different tube diameter of tube clamps are there?

In our range we have key clamps in galvanized steel available in the following sizes:

Galvanized steel:
26.9mm | 33.7mm | 42.4mm | 48.3mm | 60.3mm

We can also source, but don't stock the following types:
Black steel:

21.3mm | 26.9mm | 33.7mm | 42.4mm | 48.3mm

Square galvanized steel:
25x25mm | 40x40mm

Square black steel:


What do the key clamps look like?


Both round and square key clamps are galvanized and have a silver color. The tube clamps are slightly less shiny than the tubes, but in appearance they match each other well. The tube is a robust and industrial product, this is reflected in its appearance.


The black round and square tube clamps have a black coating. They are basically matte black, but also have a little shine. The coating gives the connectors a sleek and modern look. Despite the impact-resistant coating, the key clamps are more sensitive to scratches than the steel variants.


How do I attach the tube clamp to the tube?

All key clamp are supplied with adjusting screws. These are easy to attach with an allen key. It is important to use the correct allen keys so that the set screws in the key clamps are not damaged. The allen screw in the tube clamp has a special cutting head that fixes itself in the tube for a sturdy assembly.


buiskoppeling gegalvaniseerd staalBuiskoppeling zwart staalBuiskoppeling vierkant

What tube diameter do I need for my project?

The suitable tube diameter you need depends on the design, the spans and how much weight the design has to support. Tables are often made of tube diameter 42.4 mm. Coat racks, stair railings, clothes racks and cupboards with tube diameters 26.9 mm and 33.7 mm. For large projects, such as canopies and pergolas, a diameter of 42.4 mm or 48.3 mm is often used.

Where can I find the dimensions and technical specifications of the tube clamps?

You can read more information about a key clamp on the product's product page.

Is the stated tube diameter the inside or outside size?

The tube diameters indicate the outside dimensions of the tube. The diameters are the precise outer diameters of the tubes. The tube diameter of the key clamps indicates which size tube they are suitable for. The inner diameter of the key clamps is slightly larger so that they can easily be slid over the tubes.

Can I use the tube clamps for both indoors and outdoors?

All tube clamps are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The galvanized connectors are protected against all weather influences by a layer of zinc. The adjusting screws may eventually develop a rust spot due to cutting of the screw. This is usually easily polished away.

Which tube clamps do I need?

Which key clamps you need depends entirely on the design. We offer a wide range, almost any construction is possible. On the blog page you will find many examples and do-it-yourself blogs that will help you get started.

What tools do I need for installation?

To secure the key clamps to the tube you only need the correct size Allen key. Do you want to hang a coat rack on the wall or screw down shelves? Look here for the correct size screws and bolts for the key clamps.

Can I paint the connectors?

It is possible to provide the connectors with a different color. The correct paint and pre-treatment of the products is important. For the right advice, we recommend contacting a paint specialist.

We can also have the items powder coated for you. If you are interested in this, you can contact us for a quote. 

Do you also have aluminum key clamps for sale?

No, we do not offer aluminum key clamps. Aluminum tube clamps are many times more expensive to produce and are a lot less strong than the steel version. This is why we choose to only offer steel key clamps.

Can I also use the steel key clamps for aluminum tubes?

You can use the steel key clamps in combination with aluminum tube, that is no problem. These materials match each other well in appearance and cannot attack each other, which is the case with stainless steel.

Are you missing something?

Please let us know if you are missing information or if you have any questions. Contact us!

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