At Keyclampshop we offer a selection of high quality tubes for use with our key clamps. We aim to deliver the most value at a great price point. We stock galvanised steel tube but are able to source a number of different material options such as black, and aluminium tubes. We also offer a free cutting service. Buy your key clamp tubes without any trouble on

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What types of tube are available?

With 6 diameters and multiple options we we offer a larger selection of tube for use with our key clamps. All of our tubes can be delivered quickly from stock.

► Choose strong steel tubes for an industrial look and strength.
► For larger projects we can source aluminium tubes for lightness.

► Going for robust and industrial? Choose galvanised tubes.
► Or go for stylish & modern black tubes. (on request)

Whatever option you choose We can cut to size (free of charge) from 5 cm. Our tubes are available up to 640 cm.

Questions about tubes for keyclamps.

We get a lot of questions about tubes. To make things easier we have compiled some information on the following pages.

► How to select the right tube diameter

► How to calculate the tube length required

Metal tubes for key clamps?

Our tubes can be made of materials like steel or aluminum. Originally, these robust tubes were mainly used in the construction sector. However, nowadays tubes and tube clamps are much more than just construction materials and are also commonly used in modern interiors. Furniture such as tables and coat racks is often built with tubes and clamps now. Tube designs have become a popular choice for enthusiasts of industrial and minimalist design who appreciate the untreated, raw appearance of a tube, which adds an industrial flair.

The versatility of scaffolding tubes is enormous. You can build almost anything with them, from cabinets and tables to coat racks and garden furniture. Our metal tubes are long-lasting, sturdy, and resistant to corrosion.

How to order the perfect tube

First, choose the material, color, and tube diameter. Select one of the standard lengths or specify the desired length, and the exact price will be displayed immediately. We will then cut the pipes to size for you.

Ordering custom length tubes

Specify the desired tube type and diameter, and input the required length. Once entered, the product's price will display accordingly.

How to determine the correct tube lengths?

Determining the correct tube length depends on several factors including tube diameter and specific tube connectors, as well as maximum spans. For a complete overview of guidelines, refer to our handy guide: Calculating Tube Lengths for Scaffold Tubes.

Tubes of various materials and diameters

In our webshop, we offer tubes in various materials and diameters. Each type of tube has unique properties and appearance. Below is more information about our pipes and tubes.

Galvanized steel tube

The galvanized steel tube is often considered the standard among metal tubes. It is the most commonly used steel tube for furniture and other constructions. These steel tubes are strong and can support significant weight, providing an industrial and robust appearance that complements structures like garden furniture, shelving units, and canopies. The product is galvanized, meaning it is treated with a layer of zinc oxide to protect against rust and other weather influences. Galvanized steel tubes maintain their appearance, even when exposed to outdoor conditions for extended periods. Our galvanized tubes are available in six different diameters, with a maximum length of 600 cm.

Buying tubes for DIY enthusiasts

Steel tubes are essential for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals looking to build sturdy constructions. Whether for industrial furniture or robust structures, steel tubes provide a reliable choice.

For DIY enthusiasts, steel tubes offer endless possibilities. When paired with tube clamps, these tubes can create various furniture pieces such as tables, cabinets, and shelves.

Cutting tubes to the correct length is crucial for constructing sturdy frameworks. By adjusting tube lengths precisely, you can achieve desired dimensions and tailor tubes to your specific project needs.

Whether creating industrial furniture or constructing secure frameworks, steel tubes and clamps provide a solid foundation. With the ability to customize tube lengths, you can unleash creativity and realize unique designs. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your masterpiece with steel tubes from Keyclampshop!

Building furniture with tubes

Purchasing tubes for furniture making is increasingly popular. Think of tables, coat racks, cupboards, and cabinets made from pipes, offering a durable and stylish option.

Buying tubes made easy

Buying tubes from us is simple and affordable. We offer a wide selection of more than 75 types of Key clamps, ensuring a suitable option for your designs.

Did you know that all our tubes can be used both indoors and outdoors? Steel tubes are protected against corrosion and environmental elements through galvanization. Aluminum tubes are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to inherent properties, while black tubes are coated for weather resistance.

Service & advice

We deliver tubes, tube clamps, and accessories directly from stock. Seeking additional product information, construction tips, or DIY projects? Visit our construction tips page for details.

Have questions about our tubes, specific products, or services? Feel free to contact us via email or phone. We are eager to assist you further.

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