7 x popular key clamp furniture

7 x popular key clamp furniture

Scaffolding tube furniture and tube constructions are a growing trend, not only in people's homes but also in shops and restaurants. The wide range of galvanised steel tubes and key clamps makes the most diverse projects possible.

You can put together a piece of furniture made of tubes entirely according to your personal wishes. The tubes are available in different diameters.

In this blog we will show you seven pieces of furniture for inspiration that are most often made by our customers.

Building scaffolding tube furniture

Coat rack

A coat rack made of a galvanised steel tube is very popular because you can make a custom coat rack for a competitive price. Most homes have limited space in a hallway or under a staircase. With the tubes cut to size, you can use the space effectively and you can store enough coats on it.

Many coat racks are also made in combination with a shoe rack or with a shelf above it for extra storage space.

Coat rack of galvanised steel tubescoat rack of black steel tubes

Lounge bench & sofa

Many tube tables also have a matching bench made, the bench is in the same style as the table. Because it is custom-made, the bench can easily be slid under the table. By placing casters under the bench, you can roll the bench under the table and keep it out of the way.

All tubes and key clamps are suitable for outdoor use and can therefore also be turned into a lounge sofa. For example, we designed a lounge sofa for a customer and ultimately turned it into a construction kit. With a construction kit, all parts have already been put together for you.

Outdoor Sofa - Industrial with steel tubesTable and bench set of steel tubes


Tables can be made in many different shapes and sizes. Think of: dining tables, garden tables, mobile tables, coffee tables, desks and standing tables. The steel tubes make the construction.

Industrial table for officesOutdoor table - sturdy and industrial of steel tubes


For a cool look, you can make a frame on which you hang various lamps. You mount the tubular frame to the ceiling with base plates. You can place a lamp construction as an eye-catcher above the dining table or in a kitchen for extra good lighting. very strong and can also be used to make large tables. Another advantage is that the construction can support a lot of weight, depending on the design.

Indsutrial Lamps on ceilingModern Steel Lamps Construction


Shelving units in a warehouse or a wardrobe in a bedroom are constructions that often require customization. By making a cupboard with steel tubes you make optimal use of the space. Shelving units carry a lot of weight, for extra strength you can mount the cabinet with base plates on the floor, wall or ceiling. Read all the tips for making a cupboard in a blog.

Walk in Closet of steel scaffolding tubesDIY Steel tubes closet wardrobe

Clothing racks

Industrial clothing racks are increasingly seen in clothing stores. Scaffolding tubes are very popular for this construction, the tubes have an industrial and modern look.

Clothes racks, just like cupboards, are often attached to the wall or floor. Smaller clothing racks can be made free-standing or mobile.

Stair railings

Steel tubes are very suitable for a budget-proof custom stair railing. Stair railings made of steel scaffolding tubes are sturdy and easy to assemble. You can install a handrail with a handrail bracket.

Handrail Stair RailingBlack Coated Handrailing For Indoor Use


If you have any questions about ordering the products or installation, you can always email our customer service. We are happy to help you!

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